Tips on How to Maintain a Car After Detailing

Tips on how to maintain a car after detailing

Detailing is a professional service performed by professionals in the center or on mobile. However, the practice followed after the detailing is what determines the exact condition of a car after the services.

It is pervasive to visit the car washing centers or the detailing centers at some interval of time. Having a proper personal routine can lengthen the time period of visits while also maintaining the shine and cleanliness of the vehicle.

Let me share some tips on how to maintain your car after detailing.

Be Regular With Wash

It is very important to keep your car clean after it is detailed. Giving it a proper wash once a week or two is not a bad pattern to follow. However, the exact time of washing the car can be influenced by many factors such as the usage, types of places the car has visited, climate, etc.

Clean the Interiors

When we talk about cleaning a car, only the exterior part of the car is taken in the picture. However, it is essential to keep your car clean from the inside too. Interiors are not required to be cleaned as frequently as of exterior. But washing them once in 2-3 weeks is recommended. Again this can be influenced by many factors such as the type of passengers your car had, places the car has visited, etc.

Dont forget the wheels

Wheels are the most contaminated part of the vehicle. And not having them cleaned properly degrades the overall look of a car. Hence, cleaning them occasionally is recommended if you want to keep your vehicle in good shape for longer.

Work on Details

Even though your car has been washed regularly by you, missing out on details will hinder your expected result. Places like car wedges, windows, handles, etc require closer inspection to know if they have been cleaned properly or not. Having a clean and shiny window is more like enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.

Consider Your Parking Space

Vehicles are made with minute details to be left on the road without any roof. However, if there is a chance then parking them under the roof is always preferred. Direct exposure to the sunlight can sometimes cause an effect on the car paint or the bird’s poops can also cause erosion of the car paint if kept for a longer time. Avoid parking under any tree. As there is a greater chance of birds pooping over the car under the tree than in the direct open sky. Also, the tree branches can cause hazards to the car.

Inspect the Lights

Lights cover tends to fall blurry after a certain amount of time. It is recommended to have them changed when any blurriness is noted on them. One can easily get them changed at home or can also take the help of detailing centers to get them changed.

Keep Track of Your Car’s Hardware

Having your car checked on a regular basis by any professional is a good practice for maintaining a vehicle. Even if a visit to the mechanic is not possible, one can always inspect essential things from the car by themselves to know their condition. Things like batteries, AC cooling water, basic functioning of the car system, etc. can all help to maintain a car after detailing or without detailing.

Maintain Your Distance From Scratches

Scratches are undoubtedly one of the most common annoying problems of every car owner. If the cleaning process is not well performed there are higher chances of getting a scratch on the car body. Scratches can also occur for many small reasons such as leaning against the car body or they can be because of natural things like leaves or insects. Avoiding them is a very big task and requires careful attention towards it. 

Using a proper method and equipment for cleaning, parking under a shade, driving with caution, etc are some of the common practices to avoid scratches.

Use Wax to Coat

As a general practice, cars are topped up with the wax coat to let their shine last long. However, some cars require wax costing over them at a certain interval of time in order to protect their outer surface from scratches, protect the paint from direct sunlight, protect the paint from getting aroused due to bird poop, etc.

Hence, it is very important to have a wax coating done over the paint at the interval of 2-3 weeks or as per the time recommended on the wax coating product.

Invest in Good Driving

Driving is the out-of-syllabus part of the car detailing process and it’s aftercare. Yet it determines many factors in the aftercare practice. Following good driving practice is not just a recommendation but a need. A good driver knows how to save the tire on the road and also knows how to avoid getting scratched on the car while driving. Hence, one should also look forward to improving their driving while considering the aftercare routine if required.


Maintaining your car after detailing is essential for preserving its condition. Regular car washes keep the exterior clean, while periodic interior cleaning ensures a pleasant environment. Don’t neglect the wheels and pay attention to small details like windows and handles. Park in a shaded area to protect the car from sunlight and bird droppings. Replace blurry light covers and inspect your car’s hardware regularly. Prevent scratches by using proper cleaning methods and driving cautiously. Consider applying wax coatings to protect the paint. Following these tips will help your car stay in great shape after detailing.


How long does wax stay on a car?

The duration for which wax stays on a car can vary, but it typically lasts anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

How long does car detailing last?

The duration of a car detailing job can vary, but it generally lasts anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on factors such as the level of detailing performed and how the vehicle is maintained afterward.

Can I clean my car daily?

Yes, you can clean your car daily if you prefer, but it is not typically necessary or recommended for most situations.

Should I polish my car after every wash?

No, it is not necessary to polish your car after every wash. Polishing is a more intensive process that involves removing imperfections in the paint and restoring its shine. It is typically done less frequently, such as every few months or as needed, depending on the condition of the paint. Regular washing, along with proper maintenance and protection, can help maintain the appearance of your car’s paintwork.

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